In line with our Group Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy Statement, CIKO & AKO is committed to conducting its activities in a manner that promotes the Health and Safety of its employees, assets and the public, as well as protection of the environment.

CIKO & AKO Group Health, Safety and Environment Department (GHSED) is mainly responsible for the administration of corporate matters on occupational Health, Safety and Environmental protection. The Department is also responsible for formulation of practical HSE policies and guidelines in line with industry best practice facilitate timely and comprehensive compliance while maintaining effective service delivery for the protection of staff, assets and the environment. We conduct all HSE activities with utmost degree of competence in accordance with the profession and industry standards for the benefit of the Corporation and the Nation.

GHSE Department has steadily and rapidly evolved over the past few years with the restructuring and change of name in 2010 from 'Environment and Safety' and the upgrade of reporting line from Division to Directorate.

The Group HSE policy statement signed by the GMD was also formally launched and deployed at all CIKO & AKO locations, and the corporate-wide HSE Management System was developed, is being deployed and implemented. The practice of world class HSE Safety Management Walkthrough and Walkabout methods of engaging Top Management Staff in safety compliance monitoring and enforcement likewise kick started.

We recognize that the journey to excellence which we have now embarked upon has no final destination but requires that we constantly seek opportunities, stretch targets and redefine our strategies to ensure continuous improvement in our HSE performance.

CIKO & AKO recognizes that the prosperity of any Organization is intricately linked to its Health and Safety performance and dependent upon responsible Environmental stewardship.

At CIKO & AKO, the safety of our people, protection of our environment and assets are the main focus. We take proactive measures to prevent occurrence of avoidable emergencies and incidents but where they do happen, we respond timely, learn from the incident and improve our readiness to achieve total loss control.

We ultimately aim to achieve "goal zero" with zero incidents, no-harm-to people and no-harm-to environment in all CIKO & AKO operations and facilities.

HSE fits strategically into CIKO & AKO mandate by working in the best way possible to balance and integrate all aspects of Environment and Safety considerations into all CIKO & AKO business objectives and decisions. We ensure strong HSE management and performance in Engineering designs, construction and technology selection, continuous development and training of staff.

In this regard, we maintain an effective synergy with all our units for effective coordination and monitoring of all aspects of Safety and Environment in all projects and operations.


CIKO & AKO is committed to providing and maintaining a safe, accident free and healthy work environment. Our comprehensive approach to fire and safety management is risk based through the conduct of risk assessments to guide all management's decision making.

We take necessary measures to institutionalize controls for all risks, minimize and mitigate the impact of our activities and also ensure all operations are carried out within the strictest safety standards.

We focus on overall safety management through proactive inspections and monitoring, improved work processes, process safety and operational excellence initiatives, preventive maintenance, permit to work and fitness to work guidelines and a robust emergency preparedness regime.


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To deliver quality products through unparalleled support services by our highly skilled, committed and dedicated staff thereby making CIKO & AKO a preferred supplier.